Mountain flowers, which the Japanese call "Yama Zakura", offer an amazing combination of colorful sights and intoxicating smells. Along hillsides, the individual flowers might be identifiable, but the display and bouquet they offer when combined are completely unique.

Yama Zakura Wins Worcester Best Chef 2010 People's Choice Award!

Yama Zakura - Winner of Worcester's Best Chef 2010, peoples choice award

Yama Zakura's chef, Anna Bouphavichith, won last year's judges' award and this year she won the People's Choice Award for Asian food.

Such is the experience at Yama Zakura, which opened in 2005. Owner Laddavanh "Anna" Bouphavichith matches traditional sushi ingredients with her customers´ unique tastes to create one-of-a-kind displays that delight the palette.

Anna, a self-trained sushi chef, developed the idea for Yama Zakura, an infusion of Thai and Japanese flavors, with her brother-in-law, a master Thai chef. With a never-ending curiosity and flair for innovation, Anna attracts diners of all ages with her artistic presentation of tantalizing sashimi and rolls. Customers are encouraged to suggest ingredients for mouth-watering favorites. If they´re lucky, she´ll even add their self-named creations to the menu (ask about the "Denise Roll").

Just as engaging as the sushi and authentic Thai cuisine is the setting at Yama Zakura. Diners are encouraged to bask in the relaxing, artifact-enriched atmosphere, chat with Anna, and even make a few new friends.

This panorama of great food, great conversation and great ambiance make Yama Zakura a fitting tribute to its mountain flower namesake. 

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Awards and Recognition for Yama Zakura

Year Award/Publication Organization
2010 Worcester's Best Chef 2010 People's Choice Award Worcester Telegram
2009 Worcester's Best Chef 2009 Judges Choice Award Worcester Telegram
2008 Bragging Rights Worcester Telegram
2008 Worcester's Best Chef 2008, Judges Choice Award Worcester's Best Chef
2007 Meet the Top Executive Chefs of Central Mass City Living Magazine
2007 People and Places Boston Globe
2006 Holiday Issue City Living Magazine
2006 #1 Choice for Sushi
Readers Choice Awards
Herald Media
2006 Honorable Mention
Readers Choice Awards
Herald Media
2005 Taste of Northborough Northborough Food Pantry
2004 Taste of Northborough Northborough Food Pantry


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